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        Licensed Data Vendor List

        Last updated : 2021-12-09

        Serial NO. Company Name Level 2 real time
        data vendor
        Level 1 real time
        data vendor
        Delayed market data Basic Market Price
        1 ACTIV Financial Systems,Inc. true
        1 Aizawa Securities true
        1 Anue.com, Inc. true
        1 Bank of China HK true true
        1 Bank of China Limited Macau Branch true
        1 Beijing Compass Technology Development Co., Ltd true
        1 Beijing Snowball Information Technology Co., Ltd. true
        1 Beijing U-Tiger Network Technology Co., Ltd true
        1 Bloomberg Finance L.P. true
        1 Bright Smart Securities Interntional (HK) Limited true
        1 CGS-CIMB Securities true
        1 CGS-CIMB Securities Sdn. Bhd. true
        1 China Merchants Securities (HK) Co., Ltd true
        1 Chiyu Bank Corporation Limited true true
        1 Citadel America, LLC true
        1 Citibank N.A true
        1 CITIC Securities Brokerage (HK) Limited true
        1 CMB International Capital Corporation Limited true
        1 CNBC LLC true
        1 Colt Technology Service Co.,Ltd true true
        1 Credit Suisse AG true
        1 Dai sing Bank Limited true
        1 Daishin Securities Co.,Ltd. true
        1 DB Financial Investment Co Ltd true
        1 Dow Jones company Inc true
        1 EBEST Investment Securities Co., Ltd. true
        1 ETNet Limited true
        1 Eugene Investment and Securities Co true
        1 FACTSET Research system Inc. true
        1 Fidessa PLC true
        1 FIS true
        1 Fusion Media Limited true
        1 Global Market Access Network (DIFC) Limited true
        1 Google Ireland Limited and its Affiliates true
        1 Great Wisdom Information Technology Co., Ltd. true
        1 Guosen Securities (HK) Financial Holdings Company,Limited true
        1 Guotai Junan Securities(HK) Limited true
        1 Guoyuan International Holdings Limited true
        1 Hana Financial Investment Co Ltd true
        1 Hang Seng Bank true
        1 Hanwha Investment & Securities Co., Ltd true
        1 Hi Investment Securities Co Ltd true
        1 HK Television Entertainment Company Limited true
        1 HK01 Company Limited true
        1 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited true
        1 Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited true true
        1 Hunan Fumi Information Technology Co Ltd true
        1 IBG LLC true
        1 ICBC(Asia)Limited true
        1 iFAST Corporation Ltd true
        1 Imagine Software true
        1 Infocast Ltd. true
        1 Instinet Holdings Incorporated true
        1 Interactive Data Corporation true
        1 Investment Technology Group,Inc true
        1 Iress Data Pty Ltd true
        1 I.T. Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. true
        1 Kaisa Financial Group Holdings Ltd true
        1 KB Securities Co Ltd true true
        1 KG Zeroin Corporation true
        1 Kiatnakin Phatra Securities Public Company Limited true
        1 Kiwoom Securities Co.,Ltd true
        1 Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd true true
        1 Koscom Corporation true
        1 Kyobo Securities Co., Ltd. true
        1 Long Bridge Technology HK Limited true
        1 Magnum Research Ltd. true
        1 Markit Group Limited true
        1 MegaHub Limited true
        1 Meritz Securities Co Ltd true
        1 Microsoft corporation true
        1 Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd true true
        1 Morningstar Real-Time Data Limited true
        1 N2N Connect Berhad true
        1 Natio Securities Co.,Ltd. true
        1 Nanyang Commercial Bank Ltd. true true
        1 NASDAQ OMX GROUP,Inc. true
        1 Naver Corporation true
        1 NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. true
        1 Opus Labs NV true
        1 Orient Securities (Hong Kong) Limited true
        1 PCCW Media Limited true
        1 Phillip Securities Pte Ltd true
        1 Pico Global (Hong Kong) Limited true
        1 Quick Corporation true
        1 Refinitiv Limited true true
        1 RoboPia Advisory of Investment Co., Ltd. true
        1 Samsung Securities Co.,Ltd. true
        1 Saxo Bank A/S true
        1 SCM DMA (Pty) Ltd true
        1 Shanghai Wind Information Co.,Ltd true true
        1 Shenzhen Futu Network Technology Company Limited true
        1 Shenzhen Time Huasheng Network Technology Co., Ltd true
        1 Shinhan Investment Corp. true
        1 S&P Global Inc. true
        1 SIX Financial Information Ltd true
        1 Standard Chartered Bank(Hong Kong) Limited true
        1 SysJust Co., Ltd true
        1 Television Broadcasts Limited true
        1 The Core Securities Company Limited true
        1 The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited true
        1 TradingView,Inc. true
        1 Two Sigma Investments, LLC true
        1 UBS AG true
        1 UOB KayHian Pte Ltd true
        1 Usmart Securities Limited true
        1 Voloridge Investment Management, LLC true
        1 William O'Neil+Co true
        1 Wing Lung Bank Limited true
        1 Yahoo! Inc true
        1 Yonhap Infomax Inc true
        1 Youyu Smart Technologies Limited true
        1 Yuanta Securities Co.,Ltd true

        Note:Level 2 data license covers Level 1 data, and Level 1 data license covers delayed data.

        Updated on the 10th of each month

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