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        Trading Tips
        SSIC Trading Alerts consists of 7 files covering all ShenZhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange listings, provides the investing community a cross assets golden copy of the securities available for trading on both Shenzhen and Shanghai Market.


        Securities (only for Shenzhen market):

        A pre-market open file reveals all the securities can be traded on the trading day and its trading status.

        Suspension/Resumption Tips.

        Special trading date Tips:

        Remind you the special trading date for every securities of Shenzhen and Shanghai market, including: Start date, end date, record date, ex-date and listing date of company events, etc.

        Abnormal pricing fluctuation Tips:

        It provides trading notice about the special price fluctuation limitation of securities, and the abnormal price fluctuation, such as upward/downward over 7%

        SZ_HK/SH_HK connect eligible stock lists and their changes.

        Component stock lists of master indices of Chinese stock market and their changes, including:

        CSI300, Shenzhen Component, SSE180, etc.

        Security lists and its conversion rate for margin trading.

        Frequency: Daily
        Format: CSV
        Delivery: FTP, Web, API or E-mail